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Canadian Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Launched in 1986 by a quartet of brothers—Ash Modha, Prashant Modha, Raj Bahl, and Amit Bahl—Mondetta took its name from a fusion of “monde” (the French word for “world”) and “-etta” (a Latin suffix meaning “small”), symbolizing a vision of global connectivity.

The brand initially captured attention with its world flag-themed clothing, symbolizing a call to global unity and acting as a textile hug encircling the planet. Mondetta’s evolution embraced a broad fashion spectrum, from sports-casual to performance wear. They are celebrated for their innovative designs and deep dedication to social and environmental well-being.

Under the Mondetta banner, a variety of distinct collections have flourished. The original Mondetta label remains faithful to its foundational themes while embracing modern trends, offering casual sportswear and performance attire.

Mondetta Originals injects fresh vitality into the iconic “world flag” series, revitalizing the collection with flag designs, Pride flags, and symbols of peace, thus perpetuating its foundational message of worldwide peace for today’s audience.

In 2002, MPG (Mondetta Performance Gear) was introduced. It blends aesthetic appeal with practicality, catering to athletes and dancers with its “stylish yet functional” performance wear. Broadening its reach to satisfy evolving consumer expectations in both the fashion and activewear sectors, MPG has succeeded in satisfying evolving consumer expectations.

Mondetta’s journey from a singular vision inspired by global unity to a multifaceted conglomerate captures its lasting impact: forging connections through apparel, advocating unity, and leading by example in sustainability and ethical responsibility.






Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA

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