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The pioneering men’s below-the-belt grooming brand Manscaped has brought conversations around men’s intimate hygiene out of the shadows since its launch in 2016. Founded by Paul Tran and based in San Diego, California, Manscaped sparked a revolution in the male grooming space by directly confronting stigmas and sensitivities surrounding the subject.

The brand’s origin story is one of innovation and risk-taking, starting with the release of the Lawn Mower trimmer in 2018 – a never-before-seen product that transformed intimate grooming practices for men. Powered by quick-charging batteries, unique contour-following blades, and proprietary SkinSafeTM technology to help prevent nicks and cuts, the Lawn Mower exemplified Manscaped’s focus on precision engineering and quality manufacturing. Each iteration, like the current Lawn Mower 4.0 with its wireless charging capabilities and travel lock, builds upon an unparalleled heritage of functional design.

Beyond best-in-class trimmers, Manscaped rounds out its collection with specialty razors, body washes, lotions, and accessories – all explicitly catered to men’s sensitive skin and grooming requirements. The brand resonates via humorous yet informative marketing that tackles awkward topics head-on. By blending innovation with fun, sleek aesthetics with safety, and practical craftsmanship with practicality, Manscaped has transformed men’s self-care routines for the modern era.






San Diego, CA, USA

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