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In a world filled with flashy brands making lofty claims, Luxome Essentials stands apart with its focus on creating a sanctuary within one’s home through high-quality essentials. Founded in 2019 by CEO Hyaat Chaudhary, Luxome is rooted in the idea that the items bringing comfort to our personal spaces should elevate aesthetic beauty and well-being.

Rather than chasing trends, Luxome extensively tests and develops each product to perfection before release. From the proprietary ClimaSense comforter technology designed to keep sleepers cozy in any season to the ultra-plush robes knit from premium long-staple cotton, every item aims to be a cut above competitors. Throws, sheet sets, loungewear – no category is overlooked in their mission to provide luxury basics marrying exceptional comfort with contemporary, soothing style.

While the brand’s direct-to-consumer model enables more affordable pricing than one may find from legacy luxury retailers, the fabrics, construction, and attention to detail with Luxome more than justify the reasonable investment. One can truly feel and see the quality difference.

Creator Hyaat Chaudhary views customer satisfaction as an uncompromising pillar of Luxome’s culture. Coupled with rigorous in-house testing, this leads to offerings consistently vetted and improved upon in natural home environments until genuinely ready for market. No shortcuts taken or quality sacrificed.

Luxome Essentials is carving out a quiet, comforting niche in an increasingly chaotic and loud world, helping customers create a sanctuary through well-made, affordable luxury basics. A brand focuses simply on its vision rather than chasing trends, collaborations, or hype – and we’re all the better for it.






Birmingham, MI, USA

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