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British Shoe Brand
Brand Profile

Founded in 2021 by footwear entrepreneurs Emmanuel Eribo and Philippe Homsy, London-based brand LOCI epitomizes sustainable luxury in the men’s shoe arena. LOCI aims to offer high-end vegan shoe alternatives without compromising style or quality, driven by concerns for animal ethics in fashion. The result is an eco-luxurious footwear handcrafted in Porto, Portugal, using renewable, biodegradable materials. LOCI sources recycled ocean plastics from the Mediterranean and African Atlantic to produce vegan and cruelty-free shoes that speak to ethics and premium design.

By repurposing plastic bottles into each pair, LOCI removes 20 bottles from oceans and minimizes environmental impact through ethical production. Their success is evident in a celebrity following including Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more – the latter commending LOCI’s commitments to sustainability.

Available collections like Atom and Neo blend streetwear culture with luxury and green practices, featuring chunky soles or skate-culture inspiration valuing creativity. Beyond materials, LOCI’s dedication to positive impact is multilayered: 10% of online profits fund wildlife conservation, while fair labor practices align with their ethos.

LOCI redefines men’s fashion through style and sustainability, proving that the planet and premium design need not be mutually exclusive. Their rise represents a new wave of prioritizing ethics alongside revenues and demonstrating luxury can be eco-friendly.






London, England

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