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Fresh Clean Threads

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Fresh Clean Threads, known initially as Fresh Clean Tees, was founded in 2015 by Matthew and Melissa Parvis’s husband-and-wife team. The brand’s inception story is a classic tale of entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity. Beginning as a tee-shirt subscription service from a guest room in San Diego, the company has evolved into a well-recognized name for high-quality basics in men’s apparel.

The vision of Fresh Clean Threads was clear from the outset: to offer men’s wear that combined quality, comfort, and affordability. This vision is reflected in their diverse range of products, including t-shirts, tanks, jackets, pullovers, sweatshirts, and even accessories like masks. Their direct-to-consumer approach ensures a personalized shopping experience and enables customers to find various clothing options without breaking the bank.

The brand’s commitment to making men look and feel great without the hefty price tag is a cornerstone of their business philosophy. They aim to empower men to feel confident in their attire, enhancing their overall well-being. This mission has driven Fresh Clean Threads to consistently create products that are not only stylish but also practical and convenient for everyday wear.

In line with its growth and evolving brand identity, Fresh Clean Threads underwent a rebranding process, transitioning from Fresh Clean Tees to Fresh Clean Threads. This change reflects their expanded product line and dedication to keeping up with the dynamic fashion needs of men. Along with the name change, they introduced a new logo and revamped their website, signaling a new chapter in the brand’s journey.






La Jolla, CA, USA

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