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Fourlaps burst onto the men’s activewear scene with a clear vision: to craft high-quality, well-designed, functional athletic apparel that doesn’t compromise style. Founded by Daniel Shapiro, an entrepreneur with a deep passion for athletic apparel, Fourlaps was created out of disappointment with the lackluster offerings for men in the industry. The brand embodies Shapiro’s belief in starting before you’re ready, exemplifying his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries athletically.

Fourlaps’ approach to activewear is innovative and sustainably-minded. Nearly 90% of their products are made with recyclable or biodegradable materials, reflecting a dedication to environmental responsibility. The brand focuses on clothes that work intelligently with the body, utilizing moisture-wicking fabrics and flexible constructions to heighten athletic performance. Their expansive range includes t-shirts, tanks, long sleeves, sweatshirts, sweaters, outerwear, shorts, pants, joggers, and accessories to equip men for any active lifestyle.

Shapiro’s journey to founding Fourlaps centered on providing functional athletic staples that look great. The brand significantly emphasizes product quality, carefully crafting pieces that can withstand high-performance demands while keeping the wearer comfortable. This attention to detail ensures that Fourlaps apparel offers enduring style, comfort, and functionality.

Fourlaps distinguishes itself through a unique style blending classic athletic influences with contemporary preppy sensibilities. Shapiro notes the brand’s design viewpoint draws inspiration from iconic imagery of Ivy League athletics, characterized by clean lines, timeless shapes, and bright pops of color. Notably, the label avoids overwhelming prints or patterns, sticking to crisp, graphic, and aspirational aesthetics with versatility from studio to streetwear.

By tackling men’s activewear with innovative, eco-conscious fabrication, unrelenting quality standards, and accessible prep-sport style, Daniel Shapiro’s vision for Fourlaps has come to fruition. Beyond clothing, the brand encourages customers to test limits with resilient confidence. Fourlaps reflects a way of life that balances physical ability with mental fortitude, proving in sports and fashion that starting before you can yield excellent results.






New York, NY, USA

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