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Brand Profile

Everlane, founded by Michael Preysman, stands out in the fashion industry with its strong commitment to transparency, sustainability, and ethical practices. The brand’s ethos resonates deeply with consumers who value authenticity and responsible manufacturing, allowing Everlane to cultivate a loyal customer base.

Everlane has significantly expanded its product range from its initial offerings to include shoes, bags, and accessories, catering to a broader audience and enhancing its market reach. The brand’s valuation was estimated at $85 million as of 2022, reflecting its success and growth potential.

Everlane’s commitment to ethical production standards and high-quality products is reflected in its operational strategies, including a direct-to-consumer eCommerce model, lean inventory management, and a hands-on approach to working with factories. By cutting out the brick-and-mortar expenses, Everlane can offer its products at reduced prices compared to traditional retailers.

The company also emphasizes cost transparency, directly sharing detailed breakdowns of each product’s cost, from materials to labor, with consumers.

Despite its success, Everlane faced criticism and backlash for its anti-union activities in 2020, highlighting the complexities of balancing company growth with ethical labor practices. Nonetheless, Everlane continues to innovate in its space, with initiatives like Everlane Now, a one-hour delivery service for emergency basics, demonstrating its adaptability and forward-thinking approach to retail.

Everlane’s commitment to ethical practices, quality, and design defines its brand identity and serves as a model for entrepreneurs in how transparency and ethics can drive brand loyalty and success.






San Francisco, CA, USA

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