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Duke & Dexter

British Footwear Brand
Brand Profile

Duke & Dexter, a British footwear brand, was launched by Archie Hewlett in 2014, initially focusing on revitalizing the traditional velvet loafer. From its humble beginnings with a £5,000 investment and a passion for vintage slippers, Duke & Dexter has grown into a renowned name in luxury footwear, known for its meticulously crafted products made in Britain.

The brand’s offerings have expanded to include sneakers, boots, and other accessories, emphasizing quality, sustainability, and handcrafted precision. Garnering international acclaim, Duke & Dexter’s products are now sold in over 120 countries and are stocked by prestigious retailers such as Harrods and Selfridges. The brand’s ethos of quality and innovation is highlighted through collaborations with notable personalities like Snoop Dogg and endorsements from celebrities such as Eddie Redmayne and Ryan Reynolds.

A significant milestone in Duke & Dexter’s journey was a £2m investment from NVM Private Equity in 2019, aimed at fueling the brand’s global expansion and further innovation in men’s footwear. This partnership underscored Duke & Dexter’s potential to disrupt the market with its unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design aesthetics. Archie Hewlett’s leadership and vision have been central to the brand’s success, guiding Duke & Dexter through organic growth and strategic collaborations that align with its fearlessness and quality core values.

Duke & Dexter continues to evolve, embracing challenges and opportunities with a forward-looking approach. The brand’s design process is inclusive and collaborative, with every team member’s ideas valued in the quest to challenge norms and innovate.

Inspiration is drawn from various sources, reflecting Hewlett’s belief in learning from diverse industries and customer feedback. Looking ahead, Duke & Dexter aims to expand its footprint, including opening its first US store in New York, further solidifying its position as a premium men’s footwear leader.






London, England

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