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Brand Profile

Founded by denim industry veteran Gary Lenett, Vancouver-based DUER arose from a simple frustration: the lack of stylish yet functional pants for Lenett’s newly active, bike-commuting lifestyle. Seeking a fusion of outdoor performance, office-appropriate looks, and everyday versatility, Lenett launched DUER in 2014 as an innovative brand catering to modern “urban adventurers.”

Central to DUER’s appeal are premium fabrics engineered for durability and sustainability. As leaders in plant-based, recycled materials, over 95% of DUER’s pieces integrate eco-fibers—an aligned extension of their commitment to timelessness over trends. DUER’s seasonless essentials encourage less consumption while upholding quality craftsmanship by emphasizing classic style as the ultimate anti-waste fashion.

This do-more-with-less-ethos resonates widely, evidenced by DUER’s impressive first five years in business. Rapid expansion from five to over 50 employees supported growing distribution in 500+ global retailers across 52 countries—with 100% year-over-year sales growth as proof of concept. Industries have taken note of DUER’s success as early pioneers of athletic apparel meeting workwear.

The brand’s global aspirations equally prioritize brick-and-mortar and digital channels under an omnichannel model. Before entering fresh markets, DUER engages with customers online and through flagship stores to gain insights, fine-tune products, and elevate its reputation. The approach allows authentic connections with DUER’s primary demographic—those leading active lifestyles across travel, work, and play.

Ultimately, simplicity and versatility define the DUER difference. Multi-use pieces effortlessly transition from weekend adventure to weekday professionalism in signature fabrics that balance performance, softness, stretch, and resilience. In DUER’s hands, clothing achieves harmony between function, sustainability, and enduring style.






Vancouver, BC, Canada

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