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DUER Performance Denim Shirt

DUER Performance Denim Shirt: Product Spotlight

DUER Performance Denim Shirt: $89

The DUER Performance Denim Shirt is crafted from a lightweight and breathable fabric, designed in a slim fit to offer a sophisticated look with built-in stretch for all-day comfort.

This button-up shirt includes performance fibers for moisture management and shape retention and plant-based lyocell for antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties. It also features a divided chest pocket for additional storage and tonal buttons for a refined appearance.

Key features include:

  • Stretch fibers for comfort and ease of movement
  • Performance fibers for moisture management and shape retention
  • Plant-based lyocell for antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties
  • Divided chest pocket for additional storage
  • Length designed for versatility of styling
  • Tonal buttons for a sophisticated look

Fabric Composition:

  • 33% Organic Cotton
  • 32% TENCEL™ Lyocell
  • 31% COOLMAX® EcoMade Polyester
  • 4% LYCRA® EcoMade Spandex

The DUER Performance Denim Shirt is made from Weightless Denim, a blend of cotton for breathability, COOLMAX® for moisture-wicking, and Lycra® for flexibility. This combination ensures comfort in any temperature or activity, making it ideal for summer wear.

DUER Performance Denim Shirt Features & Benefits

Customer Reviews

Customers generally praise the DUER Performance Denim Shirt for its fit and comfort. Many highlight the lightweight and breathable fabric, noting that the built-in stretch provides excellent mobility and comfort throughout the day. The shirt’s length is appreciated for its versatility and is suitable for being worn untucked or as an over-shirt. The tonal buttons and divided chest pocket add to its stylish and practical design.

However, some customers have mentioned issues with sizing, finding the medium too small and the large too baggy. There are also mentions of the shirt starting to fade after a few washes, which may be seen as positive or negative depending on personal preference.

Disclaimer: These reviews are carefully summarized from the company website, 3rd party product reviews, and online forums like Reddit.


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