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Crew Clothing

British Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Crew Clothing, a distinguished British clothing retailer, was founded in 1993 by Alistair Parker-Swift. The inception of Crew Clothing was inspired by Parker-Swift’s summer venture of running a windsurfing school in Salcombe, Devon. During this time, he designed navy and white rugby shirts, utilizing local materials, which he initially sold at Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight. This venture led to the opening of his first store, which later expanded to London in 1995. The brand is celebrated for its British-inspired casual wear, shoes, and accessories for both men and women, deeply rooted in sporting and yachting traditions​.

Under the leadership of David Butler, Crew Clothing has evolved significantly, marking a new era of agility and innovation. Butler’s tenure heralded a transformative phase for the company, moving away from private equity ownership to a more nimble, privately-owned structure. This shift enabled the brand to invest and adapt more freely, enhancing its product offerings and marketing strategies to meet the diverse needs of its consumers. Crew Clothing’s approach is tailored, avoiding a one-size-fits-all strategy to ensure relevance and resonance with local consumers​.

Crew Clothing’s journey from a back-of-a-windsurfing-school start-up to a renowned British brand highlights its growth and adaptation in the dynamic retail landscape. Its product line spans a wide range, from active and outdoor wear to casual clothing, embodying the spirit of its south-coast roots and the vision of its founder. The brand’s commitment to quality and customer engagement, through initiatives like customer feedback groups and social media interactions, underscores its dedication to staying attuned to consumer preferences and trends.

As of today, Crew Clothing does not ship to the U.S.






London, England, UK

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