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Beckett Simonon

Columbian Shoe Brand
Brand Profile

Beckett Simonon was founded in 2011 by Nicholas Hurtado and Andres Niño, two entrepreneurs from Bogotá seeking to upend retail’s high costs and ethical issues. Frustrated by the impacts of excessive markups and overproduction, they pioneered a made-to-order model pairing quality with sustainability.

This just-in-time production eschews inventory, reducing waste from mass production. Besides lessening environmental footprints, the approach facilitates competitive pricing, expanding access to premium goods. A conversion lift of 5% and 237% ROI confirmed ethical messaging strongly resonates with Beckett Simonon’s customers.

Responsible practices constitute the company’s core. Their products are designed to endure, not chase trends, with artisans paid fair wages under safe conditions to uphold human dignity. Beckett Simonon uses ethically sourced leathers, like those from the Gold-rated sustainable tannery Gruppo Mastrotto, opting for minimal toxins and renewable materials when possible.

Beckett Simonon’s ascent demonstrates how an innovative direct-to-consumer model centered on ethics and values can offer discerning customers premium products that challenge the status quo—proof that positive business can power positive impacts.






Bogota, Colombia

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