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How Long Does Beckett Simonon Take to Ship?

How Long Does Beckett Simonon Take to Ship?

It typically takes 6-12 weeks for Beckett Simonon to ship orders. A few key details: Beckett Simonon makes shoes to order, so there is a longer lead time than ready-to-ship shoes. The crafting process involves over 100 manual steps and takes 8-10 weeks.

  • Once the shoes are ready, the order ships directly to you. Beckett Simonon offers free shipping.
  • A Reddit post from May 2020 notes an order placed in December 2019 took just over six months from order to delivery.
  • However, the email notifications indicated a mid-February shipping date, and the shoes arrived on February 18th, so about 2.5 months shipping time.
  • Current shipping times seem to range from 4-12 weeks, according to multiple reviews.
  • Supply chain issues and increased popularity have extended the wait times for some models.

Allow 6-12 weeks from the order date for Beckett Simonon shoes to ship out. The extended lead times are due to the unique made-to-order production, with each shoe involving meticulous hand-crafting. Once ready, orders ship out directly to customers.


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