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B. Draddy

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Family serves as the cornerstone for emerging men’s apparel brand B. Draddy was named after the founding brothers Draddy. Drawing inspiration from the bonds of brotherhood and generational support structures, B. Draddy infuses its products with themes of kinship and unity.

Founder Billy Draddy’s experiences reveal the profound impact of family – from grandfatherly figures to his brother’s unwavering partnership. This emphasis on familial connections shapes the brand’s ethos. Images of renowned yet approachable cultural icons adorn B. Draddy’s website, reflecting an aesthetic blending aristocratic sensibilities with a bohemian edge.

The Draddy brothers balance old-world craftsmanship with modern innovations. Using performance fabrics like breathable Pima cotton woven in Peru, each garment marries comfort and durability. This commitment to quality materials and construction has quickly distinguished B. Draddy in the market, even as they maintain reasonable prices.

Within a few short years, B. Draddy has established itself among elite circles, finding its way into exclusive golf clubs and resorts nationwide. Its ascent demonstrates the brand’s resonance – where customers feel part of the extended Draddy family.

At its heart, B. Draddy creates not just high-quality attire but an aspirational lifestyle infused with the warmth of tradition, the support of brotherhood, and the tailoring of today. Its very name symbolizes bonds between generations, promising clothing imbued with the comfort of kinship.






New York, NY, USA

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