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Allen Edmonds

American Footwear Brand
Brand Profile

Allen Edmonds stands as a paragon of American craftsmanship in men’s footwear, with its roots deeply embedded in the tradition of quality shoe-making since its inception in 1922. Elbert W. Allen founded this iconic brand in Belgium, Wisconsin, pioneering responsive cork insoles to replace the then-standard metal nails and shanks.

This innovation began a more comfortable dress shoe, laying the foundation for a legacy of excellence and innovation in men’s fashion.

Throughout its history, Allen Edmonds has been synonymous with American style, especially noted for supplying footwear to the US Army and Navy during World War II. This connection fostered a lasting loyalty among servicemen, showing the brand’s quality and comfort. The post-war era saw Allen Edmonds cement its reputation with timeless styles like the Park Avenue and Strand oxfords, which remain favorites.

The brand’s dedication to craftsmanship is evident in its meticulous production process. Each pair of shoes goes through a 212-step process, touched by up to 60 craftspeople, including a number from 2nd and 3rd-generation maker families, underlining the brand’s commitment to tradition and quality.

Looking ahead, Allen Edmonds remains committed to evolving with the times while retaining the core of its identity. This includes expanding into casual and office-appropriate sneakers, ensuring the brand stays relevant in a changing fashion landscape. Yet, the promise remains: footwear crafted with integrity, quality, and honesty.






Port Washington, WI, USA

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