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Canadian Shoe Brand
Brand Profile

Aldo’s rise from a single Montreal shoe concession to an international retail titan traces back to founder Aldo Bensadoun’s passion for footwear craftsmanship. Instilled early through his family’s multi-generational cobbling legacy, Bensadoun launched his eponymous company in 1972 with a vision beyond commerce—to build a brand rooted in caring.

Relocating from France in the 1960s to study engineering, a young Bensadoun soon found his calling designing shoes. He pioneered Aldo’s first standalone Montreal boutique in 1978, marking a milestone en route to global expansion. Through the ‘80s and ‘90s, his elevated, fashion-forward designs built buzz at Aldo’s rapidly multiplying North American stores. The brand then went worldwide, debuting outlets across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Central to Aldo’s identity is diversified offerings tailored to diverse crowds. Complementing the flagship Aldo banner, the company mastered mass retail through ventures like Call It Spring and Globo Shoes. Seeking further reach, Bensadoun forged major partnerships with players like JCPenney and Kohl’s to operate store-within-store concepts showcasing Aldo-designed products.

Then, as with many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic struck a blow, forcing a 2020 bankruptcy protection filing and company restructuring. But resiliency prevailed—within two years, Aldo emerged, revitalized, and redoubled its customer commitment.

Now spanning nearly 100 countries with almost 3,000 stores, Aldo’s comeback reflects its founder’s early vision to create more than just a company but also a culture focused on care and service. Through ups and downs over 50 years in business, these human values rooted in Bensadoun’s family origins remain Aldo’s steadfast foundation as the brand continues growing internationally.






Montreal, Canada

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