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Aether Apparel

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Aether Apparel, founded by Palmer West and Jonah Smith, blends entrepreneurial drive and slick design. The partners first found success financing and producing indie films. But they caught the decline of DVD sales and the rise of streaming early. This foresight led them to explore fresh business ventures, ultimately sparking Aether Apparel in 2009.

Living in NYC, West and Smith wanted outdoor gear that mixed tech and polished style. They noticed folks sporting ski shells for weather protection in the city, showing demand for versatile, urban-fitting outerwear with technical chops. This realization fueled their vision for threads bridging rugged gear and fashionable streetwear.

Expanding into moto apparel in 2012 made sense, given West and Smith’s passion for motorcycling. They first made moto jackets for themselves and friends, infusing Aether’s aesthetic and performance into bike essentials—pieces like the Skyline jacket caught on, appealing even among non-riders for its functional flair.

West and Smith prioritize balancing form and function. They create products that are sharply styled yet technically sound. This mindset extends to their moto line, built for function yet fashion, on and off the road. The brand’s muted palette, minimal branding, and great fit spotlight their commitment to this ethos.

Their design process stays fresh year-round. West and Smith didn’t limit themselves to seasonal collections but explored ski, snow, and moto apparel opportunities. This dynamic approach keeps them innovating in step with customer needs.

Aether also takes quality and customer experience seriously. They offer a lifetime manufacturing guarantee, emphasizing accountability and trust in their gear’s durability. This pride also shows in their moto lineup, as they actively seek rider feedback to refine products. They often replace damaged jackets free of charge, demonstrating their dedication to excellence and earning customer loyalty.

Overall, Aether Apparel threads the needle between high-performing adventure essentials and fashion-forward streetwear. Its founders crafted a unique brand identity anchored in quality, function, and style, all backed by a tight rider community and stand-up support.






Los Angeles, CA, USA

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