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Cuts vs BYLT? Who wins.

Cuts vs BYLT Video Review: You Decide

I have products from Cuts and BYLT. They are both dope, stylish, and soft. They are not cheap, but getting more perspectives is always a good idea.  

In the video below, Alex Nicoll breaks down men’s T-shirts from two of my favorite athleisure brands, BYLT Basics and Cuts Clothing. He provides sizing context from his experience wearing oversized tees and compares materials, style, durability, and cost with an eye for value.

Alex points out that the fabric of the BYLT tee is made from a thin, more conventional cotton. The Cuts tee shines through with plush, premium softness and is more comfortable. However, while less inherently soft, BYLT’s pared-back cotton provided understated utility and comfort in its simplicity.

Style points went to Cuts. Their dropped hem created a modern drape effect he appreciated compared to BYLT’s straight classic cut. But BYLT claimed their edge with tighter neck bands that perfectly framed faces.

When testing durability, Alex gave BYLT the advantage thanks to their thicker fabric retaining its shape after repeated washing. Cuts maintained integrity, too, Alex admitted, though in thinner form prone to faster breakdown. For resilience alone, BYLT took the prize.

Yet wearability and style only go so far once cost enters the conversation. Here, BYLT also dominated at approximately $24 less per tee. In Alex’s view, these significant savings bring tremendous value without trading off quality. Essential tees with staying power that don’t break banks — BYLT delivered.

Cuts vs BYLT on Reddit

When reviewing products, one thing I like to do is take the collective feedback from the community. In this case, Reddit.

According to Redditors, Cuts is known for its highly fitted, flattering cuts designed for active men in good shape. They use higher-quality materials that are roughly twice the price of BYLT Basics. Redditors also state that BYLT offers significantly lower prices, and their fabrics provide a good stretch that accommodates athletic and non-athletic body types. While Cuts has a more precise fit, Redditors say BYLT offers more value.

One user, a 36-year-old dad looking for fashionable, durable, well-fitting shirts on a budget, said BYLT is the best option. Though oversized cuts are on trend, the fitted BYLT style remains acceptable and classic for men in their mid-30s, according to the Reddit feedback.

Below are the two products reviewed in the video.

BYLT Drop-Cut Shirt

Cuts Clothing Crew Shirt

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