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Are True Classic Tees Good Quality?

Are True Classic Tees Good Quality? Read On & Find Out

Why Customers Love True Classic

True Classic Tees have a loyal following for a few key reasons. Many customers rave about the softness and comfort of the shirts, often calling them “the best shirts I’ve ever owned.”

I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I have a few pairs, and they are comfortable.

True Classic has several colors and styles, including crew necks, v-necks, and long sleeves. They are made from a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend and are designed to be soft and shrink-resistant. True Classic also offers a fit calculator and detailed size charts to help customers find the perfect fit before purchasing.

Our Top Picks: True Classic Apparel

True Classic Crew Neck T-Shirt
True Classic Crew Neck T-Shirt
True Classic V-Neck T-Shirt
True Classic V-Neck T-Shirt
True Classic Active Comfort Pullover Hoodie
True Classic Active Comfort Pullover Hoodie

Opportunities for Improvement

Not all feedback is glowing. Some customers have pointed out inconsistent sizing, where shirts of the same size can fit very differently. The fabric quality has been a point of contention, with some describing it as thin and not as premium as advertised.

Additionally, there’s feedback that the shirts develop holes or unraveling seams after minimal wear and washing. Many find the pricing high, especially compared to cheaper alternatives of similar quality.

Before answering the question, “Are True Classic Tees Good Quality?” let’s look at a quick competitive analysis.

True Classic vs Fresh Clean Threads

True Classic and Fresh Clean Threads are the two top tees and general casual wear choices. Below is a quick breakdown highlighting key differences, features, and potential drawbacks between both brands.

Check the Fit: True Classic Tees offer a slim, athletic fit that accentuates the arms and chest while providing more room around the stomach, making it flattering for various body types. On the other hand, Fresh Clean Threads have a trimmer, more fitted cut overall, and are generally longer.

What about the Fabric? Both brands use a soft 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend that is stretchy and comfortable. While Fresh Clean Threads claims their proprietary “StratuSoft” fabric is superior, many reviewers find the fabric similar between the two brands.

Durable or no? True Classic Tees are praised for holding up well after repeated washing without losing shape or pilling, despite some negative feedback. In contrast, recent customer reviews suggest a decline in Fresh Clean Threads’ quality, with complaints about the shirts becoming very thin and not retaining their shape.

Price: Fresh Clean Threads are slightly cheaper, priced around $19-26 per shirt, whereas True Classic Tees average $22-25 per shirt but offer bundle discounts.

Diverse Products: True Classic has a broader range of products, including henleys, polos, long sleeves, activewear, and bottoms. Fresh Clean primarily focuses on tees but also offers long sleeves and henleys.

Still not sure? Below are a few video reviews that go into detail about True Class and Fresh Clean Threads.

Video Reviews: True Classic Tees

Scotty Schelle is a lifestyle content creator and recorded this 6-minute video reviewing True Classic. He starts with their black T-shirt, noting its snug fit around the chest, arms, upper back, and comfort in the midsection. He praises the tapered fit and the brand’s attention to taller men.

He tested the T-shirts through multiple laundry cycles, showing how they retain fit and shape without shrinking or collar distortion. He also reviews True Classic’s athletic shirts, noting a tighter fit in the small size for those who prefer a snug look while generally running true to size.

For lower body wear, Scotty reviewed the Chino shorts and pants. Initially, he was skeptical but was pleasantly surprised with the shorts’ heavyweight fabric. He concludes the review by emphasizing the brand’s affordability and durability.

Fresh Clean Threads vs. True Classic Tees

In this video, Gary Ajene from the T-Shirt Helpdesk compares Fresh Clean Tees and True Classic Tees to determine if they live up to the hype or are just overpriced basics.

For context, this video was recorded in 2021.

Gary notes that True Classic Tees arrived much faster and included a thoughtful note about supporting homeless veterans. The feel of True Classic Tees is exceptionally soft, unlike Fresh Clean Threads, which feel like standard shirts used for screen printing. These are Gary’s words, not mine.

He suspects Fresh Clean Tees are rebranded from a generic manufacturer due to rip-away tags and shows the evidence. Both brands do offer an athletic fit, but True Classic Tees feel superior, described as “like your grandmama holding you when you were a baby.”

Do Classic Tees Suck?

In this 10-minute video, Walker from DIY Life reviews True Classic, which has been frequently appearing on his social media feed. He was initially indifferent to their ads, but he decided to try them out for a more neutral wardrobe for his videos.

Walker ordered a three-pack in gray, black, and white. During the unboxing, he comments on the softness of the shirts but notices some random threads. Despite these minor flaws, he’s satisfied with the seams and overall quality, especially given the $15 to $20 per shirt with a promo code. He joked about True Classic’s relentless marketing and suggested that they send him free gear for his free publicity.

After trying on the shirts, Walker is pleased with their fit and comfort. He worries about potential shrinkage after washing and promises to test them. Following a wash, he confirmed slight shrinkage but found them fitting well. Walker is impressed with their breathability, even in warm weather, noting they are less sweaty than his usual polyester-blend shirts.

It’s Time to Decide?

While reviews and comparisons can offer valuable insights, they only tell part of the story. True Classic Tees may be highly praised for their comfort and fit, but individual experiences will always vary. Some may find the shirts perfect for their needs, while others may encounter issues like inconsistent sizing or fabric quality.

Ultimately, the best way to determine if True Classic Tees are right for you is to try them yourself. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, so what works well for one person might not be ideal for another. Personal trial and experience are essential in finding the perfect wardrobe staples that meet your unique needs and expectations.


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