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WYR Wear

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

WYR /wy-er/ emerged from the desire to offer premium quality essentials at a fair price. Founded by Karim Abed, WYR Wear arose from his frustration with overpriced “premium” brands and mass-produced retail clothing. Seeking a solution, Karim returned to Egypt, renowned for its high-quality cotton. He wanted to create clean, well-designed essentials offering exceptional quality at a fair price.

The brand’s journey began in Egypt, leveraging the country’s rich history of cotton farming. The climate and fertile soil produce extra-long staple cotton, known for its superior quality. WYR Wear combines this heritage with a minimalist aesthetic to create timeless men’s essentials that are stylish and comfortable.

WYR Wear’s design and production team has over 50 years of combined experience. They dedicated their initial year to sourcing and testing various fabrics, perfecting the fit, and selecting production facilities that met their high standards. WYR Wear built an efficient and transparent process by cutting out the middlemen. The team takes pride in crafting custom fabrics, overseeing every production step, and managing the supply chain carefully. This dedication ensures consistently outstanding quality for their customers.

The brand emphasizes detailed attention in producing long-lasting, high-quality clothing. What started as a quest to create the ultimate men’s t-shirt has expanded into a comprehensive range of premium essentials. WYR Wear’s designs are conceived in California and perfected in their Egyptian design lab, combining style and comfort in every piece.

WYR Wear’s signature fabric is the finest Egyptian Giza cotton from the Nile Delta region. Unlike many brands that use cheap polyester blends, WYR Wear’s signature fabric is made with 95% extra-long staple Egyptian Giza cotton and 5% Lycra. This blend provides cotton’s breathability, softness, and comfort with the flexibility needed for a superior fit.

Egyptian cotton, often called “White Gold,” is renowned for its fineness and softness. Grown in the fertile Nile Delta region, this cotton’s extra-long staple fibers make it more resistant to breakage and pilling. WYR Wear uses the highest quality Giza Cotton, creating proprietary fabric specifications for the perfect balance of comfort and durability. ‘

Their signature fabric, a jersey knit made of 95% Giza cotton and 5% Lycra, is 30% heavier than the average t-shirt, enhancing longevity and resistance to wear. This specialized treatment ensures their fabrics remain soft and pill-resistant, providing a premium feel and lasting quality.






Malibu, CA, USA

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