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American Accessories Company
Brand Profile

Nomad Goods emerged in 2012, thanks to the efforts of Noah Dentzel, Brian Hahn, and Adam Miller. This brand shines for its clever and straightforward approach to consumer electronics and lifestyle items.

It began with the ambition to craft a mobile, efficient charger, leading to its initial success, the ChargeCard. This project, which soared beyond its Kickstarter funding objectives, began Nomad’s expansion into a diverse product range. This range now includes leather cases for phones, various charging cables, portable batteries, wireless charging stations, and accessories for travelers. Additionally, they adapted to current global health challenges by adding disposable face masks to their lineup.

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Nomad’s growth from a nascent idea to an internationally acclaimed brand illustrates its focus on top-tier materials, lasting products, and careful production processes.

Viewing smartphones as crucial tools for change and connection, Nomad strives to keep innovating and fulfilling the expectations of their dedicated customer base. Their approach also reflects a commitment to sustainability and ethical material sourcing, highlighting their goal to deliver superior products conscientiously.






Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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