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Lumin Skincare

American Skincare Brand
Brand Profile

When co-founders Darwish Gani and Richard Hong spotted gaps in the men’s grooming space in 2018, they envisioned much more than a skincare company – they set out to spearhead a movement.

Hong knew firsthand the frustrations guys faced battling acne with no accessible solutions. Coupled with shifting attitudes around masculinity and wellness, Lumin was born to empower men through premium products sans the pretense.

Lumin speaks to the self-assured man as invested in morning skincare rituals as evening workouts. Their philosophy? Personal care shouldn’t just enhance confidence and boost consciousness around everything applied to our bodies. This ethos materializes through clean formulations, avoiding the usual suspects – parabens, sulfates, and other tongue twisters.

The brand further stands out by investing in men-focused education and digital community building. Lumin’s website offers advice around routine building, decoding active ingredients, and busting myths around masculine ideals. Its roster of grooming guides and accessible explainers aims to empower every guy to take control of his skincare journey.

After capturing Men’s Health’s coveted 2020 Grooming Award for their Dark Circle Defense serum, Lumin expanded into hair and body categories to further own the daily ritual space. Yet even while extending into barbershop staples like beard oils and cleansing bars, simplicity and safety guide every formula first.

Major retailers have taken notice of the movement, with Target and Walmart signing on to boost accessibility of Lumin’s everyday essentials. Thanks to over $50 million in investments, the brand is poised to become a household name for the conscious male consumer.

Above all, Lumin is founded on the belief that when guys feel educated, motivated, and equipped to level up their self-care routine, it can spark a ripple effect beyond the bathroom mirror.






Los Angeles, CA, USA

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