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Brand Profile

Cremo is a shampoo made by Cremo Company, a modern men’s grooming brand started in 2007 by founders Mike Boone and Kyle Schroeder. They launched the company in Laguna Beach, California, to make astonishingly high-quality men’s products. Their motto says it all: “Born to be astonishingly superior.”

Cremo aims to use top-notch ingredients to give guys a luxury grooming experience. They make all kinds of men’s items — shampoos, shaving creams, beard oils, face and body washes, and even hair dye. Cremo wants to help men look and feel their best from head to toe daily. This shows their dedication to quality and keeping customers happy.

The brand started small with one shaving cream. But recently, Cremo’s been growing fast. When CEO Matthew Biggins joined in 2015, yearly sales were $2.5 million. By 2018, that number had shot up to $75 million! This huge success shows Cremo is good at creating new products guys want as grooming styles change.

In short, Cremo sticks out due to its promise of superior quality, a wide range of men’s grooming goods, and the vision of mixing old-school tradition with modern style. This gives guys an exceptional grooming experience that men can relate to.






Laguna Beach, CA

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