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Aviator Nation

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Founded in 2006 by Paige Mycoskie, Venice Beach-based brand Aviator Nation epitomizes the vibrant retro cool of 1970s California, infusing its laidback SoCal roots into a global lifestyle phenomenon.

Emerging from Mycoskie’s passion project garage days, the brand’s ascent has included 19 global stores and partnerships with artists, events, and companies tapping Aviator’s broad appeal. Yet expansions retain their authentic tie-dye-and-color aesthetic and ethical manufacturing. Signature distressed hoodies, hand-stitched in their LA factory, spotlight dedication to quality and care in production. Mycoskie’s artistic visions shape design, too – her rainbow lightning bolts and eagles channeling vintage style.

Aviator Nation brings California’s soul and craft to a new generation by blending creativity and ethics with community ties and premium construction. The result is an instantly recognizable lifestyle brand where sustainability and quality meet to embrace the spirit of the ’70s in a distinctly modern way. Staying true to founders’ beliefs during rapid rises, Aviator Nation proves more than apparel – it’s an attitude.






Venice, CA, USA

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