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Ash & Erie

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

When Steven Mazur and Eric Huang founded the menswear brand Ash & Erie in November 2015, they sought to fill a glaring void in fashion – well-fitting essentials for men 5’8″ and under. Driven by firsthand experience struggling to find clothes with proper tailoring and proportions, these co-founders envisioned stylish yet functional pieces to boost confidence and self-image in shorter guys.

They launched Ash & Erie with their signature Everyday Shirt – a refined yet relaxed button-down meticulously crafted just for shorter builds. This initial product release marked a new standard in the market, catering directly to overlooked frames with thoughtful details from scaled sleeve lengths to trim collars flattering shorter necks.

Propelled by imperative and empathy, Ash & Erie’s first run sold out rapidly. Word spread, pre-orders amassed, and the young company landed amid the bright lights and high stakes of a 2017 Shark Tank appearance. Several million shirts later, Ash & Erie has carved out a niche community and become everyday heroes to underserved men worldwide.

Staying true to its origin story, the Detroit-based brand has since expanded its offerings while upholding the same tailoring philosophies that spawned its breakout Everyday Shirt. Using proprietary data and consumer feedback, Ash & Erie ensures each new shirt, jean, and jacket suits the proportions of men 5’8″ and below – neglected for too long by the fashion establishment.

Through relentless dedication to fit, fabric, and function, Ash & Erie empowers overlooked customers while leading industry change. After initial success, the mavericks behind Ash & Erie could have settled as status quo. Instead, they persevere as advocates to help men maximize personal style and self-confidence, regardless of their height.






Detroit, MI, USA

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