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Mizzen+Main Shirts

Mizzen+Main Shirts: Product Spotlight

When Kevin Lavelle launched menswear startup Mizzen+Main in 2012, his mission was to elevate classically tailored clothing with high-performance athletic attributes.

Drawing from his background developing moisture-wicking base layers for pro athletes, Lavelle envisioned versatile apparel that would merge the business and sportswear worlds to suit the demands of modern working men.

Mizzen+Main Shirts: An Overview

ProductCategoryKey FeaturesPrice
Leeward No Tuck Dress ShirtDress ShirtThe moisture-wicking polyester and spandex fabric has a four-way stretch. The no-tuck length is two inches shorter than the standard length. The shirt is wrinkle-resistant.$138
City Flannel ShirtFlannel ShirtQuick-dry, moisture-wicking polyester, rayon, and spandex fabric blend with a tailored cut. Eliminates the tail hem for a stay-tucked fit and has a button-down collar.$148
Leeward Dress ShirtDress ShirtInnovative polyester spandex fabric offers a four-way stretch for mobility, moisture-wicking properties, and wrinkle resistance. The shirt features a spread collar.$138
Knox T-ShirtT-ShirtUltra-soft micro modal and polyester fabric blend has moisture-wicking capabilities. Built-in TDryTM technology pulls perspiration from the skin to keep the body cool and dry.$72

Mizzen+Main shirts thus fuse precise tailoring with patented quick-dry, stretch, and wrinkle-resistant fabrics originally engineered for competitive sports.

However, unlike traditional workout-inspired tops, Mizzen+Main’s offerings pass visually as refined woven shirts thanks to their clean fit and stylish finishes. The brand quickly garnered buzz by solving the dilemma of discomfort and constant fussing that plaques conventional dress shirts during 12-hour work days.

From $70 to $150, Mizzen+Main continues building a full line of tech-enhanced wardrobe staples, including pants, polos, and accessories stacked with performance capabilities.

For male professionals frustrated by the tradeoffs demanded by business attire, Mizzen+Main delivers a clever solution: office-to-gym wear that anticipates the needs of men toggling between meetings, travel, and an active lifestyle.

The Mizzen+Main Leeward No Tuck Dress Shirt

Price: $138

Mizzen+Main seeks to reinvent formal attire for the active modern man with its Leeward No Tuck Dress Shirt. Constructed from moisture-wicking polyester and spandex, this stretchy shirt aims for wrinkle-resistant performance to endure the rigors of business travel and 12-hour workdays.

The lean, no-tuck cut and permanently upright collar smoothed by internal closures eliminate two common pain points: constantly re-tucking hems and popping lazy collars. By engineering clever solutions to frequent shirt issues, Mizzen+Main pays thoughtful attention to detail while prioritizing comfort.

However, the brand’s innovative focus on functionality over conventional style has received some criticism. Not all customers appreciate the limited neutral color palette or find the athletic-inspired cut fashion-forward enough for the office.

Mizzen+Main Leeward Dress Shirt

Price: $138

Mizzen+Main continues reinventing business casual staples like the classic dress shirt with its tech-forward Leeward. The Leeward shirt merges athletic performance and boardroom polish and is constructed from an innovative polyester and spandex blend.

The fabric’s natural four-way stretch allows generous mobility while specialized moisture-wicking properties keep wearers cool and composed. This high-functioning textile boasts wrinkle resistance and quick-drying capabilities, ideal for business travelers.

However, some customers suggest that Leeward’s roomier “classic” fit is moderately large. 

While the extra volume allows sublime airflow, it lends a billowy fit compared to body-skimming tailoring. The athletic cut, conversely, seems shrink-wrapped slim. So, gentlemen desiring a trim yet forgiving middle ground may need to tweak sizing for an ideal tapered shape.

Still, most customers rave about the $138 Leeward’s unmatched comfort eclipses, even luxury cotton shirts. They report effortless long-haul travel and full workdays without fatigue or dishevelment. For those prioritizing performance, the Leeward delivers impressively—the high-tech fabric disguising itself as a polished woven while offering superb mobility.

Mizzen+Main City Flannel

Price: $148

The Mizzen + Main City Flannel shirt modernizes the classic flannel style for today’s active agent. Designed for mobility and performance, the quick-dry fabric blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex allows generous stretch so you can move unencumbered, whether walking across town or lifting items. The shirt eliminates the tail hem, so it remains neatly tucked in during wear without constant re-tucking.

Customers say the City Flannel strikes an ideal balance of breathability and warmth while avoiding the bulkiness that often accompanies traditional flannel. The smooth, lightweight feel and tailored cut update the flannel’s casual cabin aesthetic for both weekend and workwear. Though some customers find the shirt’s fit slightly larger, its roomy comfort promises cozy layering all season.

Priced at $148, the City Flannel reimagines an iconic style with innovative moisture-wicking performance fabric and a sharp, refined cut suitable for the office or nights out.

Mizzen+Main’s Knox T-shirt

Price: $72

Mizzen+Main’s Knox T-shirt reimagines the basic tee with its signature tech-infused twist. Knitted from an ultra-soft micro modal and polyester blend, the moisture-wicking Knox wears as sumptuously as premium loungewear while disguising advanced performance capabilities.

The built-in TDry technology actively pulls sweat from the skin to keep the body cool and dry during workouts and commuting in the sweltering summer heat. Such innovation allows the Knox to transition seamlessly from weekend errand running to dinners out; its luxurious hand feel and dope fit disguise its sweat-combatting superpowers.

However, some customers note the Knox fits slightly more snugly than other Mizzen+Main offerings and runs moderately long. The tee also seems to shrink mildly after washing. While most praise Knox’s unmatched softness and breathability, its more constricting athletic cut caters to leaner builds. Bulkier gentlemen or those preferring roomier fit may find it too figure-hugging.

Yet the $72 Knox T-shirt’s moisture-wicking capabilities justify its premium spend for sporty frames or men leading active lifestyles. The tee stands alone in blending both refinement and high-tech performance. It handily fills the void between casual weekend warrior and sophisticated night-out wear with its stylishly straightforward aesthetic, flattering most builds.


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