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TravisMathew Travel 2.0 Active Pant

TravisMathew Travel 2.0 Active Pant: Product Spotlight

TravisMathew Travel 2.0 Active Pant: $99.95

The TravisMathew Travel 2.0 Active Pant combines functionality with a modern jogger design, made from a blend of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. 

These pants feature:

  • Elastic drawcord waist
  • Half-adjustable leg openings
  • Side-entry pockets
  • A single-welt back pocket
  • A hidden pocket with a zipper closure

The pants are designed with an athletic fit and a tailored jogger look that’s versatile for various occasions. The fabric’s composition allows for a flexible fit, ensuring comfort without sacrificing style. Elastic drawcords and half-elastic leg openings provide an adjustable fit.

These features, combined with the strategic pocket placement, make the Travel 2.0 Active Pant a practical choice for active and casual wear.

Travel 2.0 Active Pant Features & Benefits

Design and StyleCasual elegance, part of the Heater SeriesStylish, suitable for various occasions
Material and ComfortSignature performance fabricationFirst-class comfort, enhanced stretch
Fit and SizingDrawstring waistbandAdjustable, comfortable fit
Performance and DurabilityWrinkle resistanceLow maintenance, ideal for travel
FunctionalitySuitable for travel and active lifestylesVersatile and practical for various activities

Customer Reviews

Customers appreciate the TravisMathew Travel 2.0 Active Pant’s comfort, fit, and adaptability. Positive feedback highlights the pants’ ability to serve as both joggers and casual pants, with a flattering fit without being too tight. 

The range of colors and the quality of the material receive praise, indicating a strong preference for the product’s design and versatility. Customers also value the pants for their ease of transitioning from lounging to being on the go, underlining their functionality for relaxation and errands.

However, some customers desire more color options and mention that the pants may run short for taller individuals, suggesting room for improvement in the length offerings. Despite these minor critiques, the overwhelming customer sentiment is positive, with many planning to purchase additional pairs.

TravisMathew is renowned for its commitment to quality and style, evident in its broad array of clothing options catering to various tastes and activities.


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