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Myles Apparel Skyline Fleece Hoodie

Myles Apparel Skyline Fleece Hoodie: Product Spotlight

Myles Apparel Skyline Fleece Hoodie: $119.00

The Myles Apparel Skyline Fleece Hoodie is crafted from 400gsm heavyweight cotton fleece, featuring a tonal embroidered logo. It is knit, cut, and sewn in Canada and has a brushed super soft fleece back and a sturdy, long-lasting exterior. The hoodie incorporates handsewn flatlock low-profile seams, presenting a relaxed fit to offer a bulkier appearance. 

Notable design elements include:

  • Side panels for added stretch and style.
  • A double-layer, three-panel hood with extra extended drawcords.
  • An easy-access kangaroo pocket.

The classic set-in sleeves, ribbed cuffs, hem, and neck contribute to its classic yet refined design. This garment is designed with comfort and style, offering a relaxed fit for those preferring a slightly bulkier look without compromising the hoodie’s overall aesthetic.

The attention to detail in its construction, from the choice of fabric to the seamless integration of practical features like the kangaroo pocket and stretch side panels, underscores its quality. Additionally, the hoodie’s minimal branding, seen in the tonal embroidered logo, aligns with current trends favoring understated style.

The Myles Apparel Skyline Fleece Hoodie stands out for its versatility and quality. It seamlessly blends the comfort of traditional fleece with modern design elements, making it suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to cozy days at home. 

The emphasis on high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensures longevity, while the thoughtful details like extra long draw cords and stretch side panels enhance its functionality and style.

Skyline Fleece Hoodie Features & Benefits

400gsm heavyweight fleeceEnsures warmth and durability
Brushed fleece backOffers comfort with a soft interior
Relaxed fitProvides a stylish, slightly bulkier look
Minimal brandingAppeals to those who prefer a simple, versatile style
Crafted in CanadaGuarantees high-quality construction

Customer Reviews

Customers largely appreciate the Skyline Fleece Hoodie for its quality, comfort, and style. Positive feedback highlights its heavyweight material, soft interior, and versatile design, making it a preferred choice for casual wear and lounging at home. 

The hoodie’s weight and construction are particularly praised. It is likened to high-quality sweatshirts of the past but with updated softness and style.

However, one review mentions disappointment regarding the material’s texture and fit, noting that it did not meet their expectations for softness and was not as relaxed as described. This customer also felt the price point was high, given their perceived similarity in quality to lower-priced options. 

Despite this critique, the minimalist design and lack of overt branding have been well-received for their appeal to those preferring a simple yet stylish look. The mixed feedback underscores the importance of individual preferences in texture and fit when selecting an athletic hoodie

While the Myles Apparel Skyline Fleece Hoodie is widely recommended for its craftsmanship and design, potential buyers might consider their specific desires for material softness and fit.


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