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BYLT Basics Tour Hoodie

BYLT Basics Tour Hoodie: Product Spotlight

BYLT Basics Tour Hoodie: $90

The BYLT Basics Tour Hoodie is crafted from 76% Nylon and 24% Elastane. This fabric choice ensures the hoodie is durable and provides the right amount of stretch for ease of movement, making it an excellent choice for active or casual wear.

Key features include:

  • Drop-cut design for a modern and flattering look
  • Neck Gator for enhanced sun protection, designed to stay over the nose
  • Raglan pullover style for a classic hoodie look with added comfort
  • Zipper on the Kanga Pocket ensures secure storage on both sides
  • Self-cuff to maintain a secure fit at the wrists
  • Standard Fit for a relaxed and comfortable wearing experience
  • Specifically designed to layer for versatile styling options

The BYLT Basics Tour Hoodie combines functionality with style, creating a versatile piece that caters to the needs of an active lifestyle while also fitting seamlessly into casual wardrobes. Its neck gator feature is particularly noteworthy, offering sun protection for the face in a design that ensures it stays in place over the nose, providing safety and comfort during outdoor ninja activities. 

The hoodie’s drop-cut design and standard fit offer flattering and comfortable wear for various body types. Additionally, the raglan pullover style and zipper on the kanga pocket enhance the hoodie’s practical aspects by offering easy movement and secure storage for essentials. Designed with layering in mind, this hoodie is ideal for transitioning between seasons, providing the perfect balance of warmth and breathability.

BYLT Tour Hoodie Features & Benefits

BYLT Basics Tour Collection

Interested in seeing more product spotlights? See our latest BYLT Basics Collection, which includes all their latest apparel and new drops. 


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