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Huckberry Clothing began with a passion for the great outdoors and a vision to inspire modern men to lead active, adventurous lifestyles. It was founded in 2010 by Richard Greiner and Andy Forch, who were bonded by a shared desire to escape the daily grind and connect with nature. During a conversation on a Squaw Valley chairlift, they conceptualized Huckberry – a platform to equip and encourage men to embrace both wilderness adventures and urban living.

With an initial combined personal investment of $20,000, they actualized this idea into an e-commerce site and magazine. Huckberry offers functional clothing, gear, and accessories for versatile lifestyles across evolving needs – from weekend trips to daily commutes.

The brand has rapidly grown, headquartered in San Francisco, Austin, and Columbus, engaging over a million adventurous customers. Driven by the same spirited culture as their loyal community, Huckberry continues to deliver quality products to facilitate a seamless transition from concrete jungles to off-beaten trails.

In February 2016, Huckberry acquired Flint and Tinder, a clothing company known for raising large sums of money through Kickstarter campaigns and being one of the only high-volume producers of premium men’s underwear in the U.S. Richard Greiner, Huckberry’s co-founder, praised Flint and Tinder for having a solid brand and commitment to making products in the U.S.

Jake Bronstein, the founder of Flint and Tinder, said he was excited to use Huckberry’s deep understanding of customers and ability to create innovative products. After the acquisition, Huckberry became the sole retailer selling Flint and Tinder products, with plans to maintain and improve Flint and Tinder’s core product lines, such as men’s underwear and the 10-Year Hoodie. Huckberry also took over handling any mending or warranty issues for Flint and Tinder products, ensuring they would continue to be backed by strong guarantees.






Austin, TX, USA

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