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Barbell Apparel

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Barbell Apparel, started by friends and athletes including Alex Hansen and Hunter Molzen, launched in 2014. They saw a gap in the market for jeans that fit muscular builds and created Athletic Fit Jeans.

Their Kickstarter campaign was a hit, raising over $730,000, far exceeding their $15,000 goal. An appearance on Shark Tank brought them a $500,000 investment from Daymond John.

Based in Las Vegas, Barbell Apparel now offers chinos, shorts, performance wear, and more to boost athletic performance and comfort. Their dedication to quality has built a loyal customer base and garnered positive reviews.

In June 2020, Barbell Apparel opened its first physical store in Las Vegas, allowing them to connect directly with customers and gather feedback to enhance their products. The company also supports rescue organizations across the U.S. through initiatives like ‘Barbells For Bullies.’






Las Vegas, NV, USA

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