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how do CLAE shoes fit?

How Do CLAE Shoes Fit?

Let’s get straight to it: CLAE shoes have a rep for fitting true to size, but they can be small or narrow. If you’re one of those folks caught between sizes, trust me, you’ll want to size up by half. Especially with the Bradley model—it’s known for being a little tight.

No one wants their toes crammed in. The Bradleys are pretty sweet, though.

Now, let’s talk about the leather. It takes a hot minute to break in, but your feet will thank you once it does. While most CLAE shoes fit pretty well, some styles can be snug. If you’ve got wider feet or are teetering between sizes, do yourself a favor and go up that half size.

Overall, CLAE shoes are comfy once you nail the sizing. Use the size charts, read the specific model reviews, and don’t hesitate to size up. Your feet deserve the perfect fit, and CLAE’s got you covered if you know how to play the game.

There’s a 1.5 size gap between men’s and women’s shoes. So, if you’re a women’s 7, look at men’s 5.5. Simple.

CLAE footwear sizing chart


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