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BYLT Shoe Bag

BYLT Shoe Bag: Product Spotlight

BYLT Shoe Bag Price: $18.75

The BYLT Shoe Bag is crafted from premium leather and offers a sophisticated solution for shoe storage and travel needs.

This bag combines functionality with style and accommodates the BYLT shoe collection—including Everyday Shoes, RetroDay Shoes, and the Lido Knit Shoes. Its foldable shoebox design ensures easy packing and storage.

At the same time, the front zip pocket provides additional space for accessories or small items, making it a practical choice for business travelers.

Available exclusively in black, this shoe bag is a testament to minimalist design and utility. Its premium leather construction elevates the overall aesthetic and ensures durability and protection for your footwear.

BYLT Shoe Bag Features

BYLT Shoes


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