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Choosing the Perfect Cuts Clothing Tee: A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the Perfect Cuts Tees: A Buyer’s Guide

Cuts Clothing has made a name for itself with premium tees. Each tee brings something different, but one thing is consistent: they all look dope.

This quick guide will help you understand the options available so you can make an informed decision. Here’s a quick view of the cost, fit, hem, and benefits.

Fabric and Material

Cuts tees come in two main fabrics: PYCA Pro® and Pima Cotton. PYCA Pro® combines polyester, cotton, and spandex. It’s known for being buttery, soft, wrinkle-resistant, and durable.

Shirts from PYCA Pro® include the AO Split-Hem Tee, AO Curve-Hem Tee, AO Forever Tee, and AO Elongated Tee. These shirts offer a soft feel with 4-way stretch and anti-pilling properties.

On the other hand, Pima Cotton, used in the Interknit Pima Cotton Tee and Pima Curve-Hem Tee, is 100% Peruvian cotton. It’s breathable, naturally soft, and retains color well.

The Interknit Pima Cotton Tee features a custom back seam and a slightly relaxed fit, making it ideal for warm weather. Pima Cotton shirts are perfect for those who prefer a natural fabric with a lightweight feel.

Fit and Style

Cuts tees feature various fits and hem styles. The Signature Fit is designed to be snug around the chest and shoulders, tapering down through the waist. This fit is found in the AO Split-Hem Tee, AO Curve-Hem Tee, AO Elongated Tee, and Pima Curve-Hem Tee.

You may want to consider the Classic Fit of the AO Forever Tee for a looser fit, which provides more room without looking boxy.

Hem styles also vary. The Split-Hem is slightly longer, adding a modern touch. The Curve-Hem is intended to hit between the waist and hip, giving a clean finish.

The AO Elongated Tee offers a longer hem for those who prefer extra length. Each hem style caters to different body types and preferences, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

Cuts Tees

Cuts AO Split-Hem Tee

AO Split-Hem Tee

Customers love its soft fabric and snug fit around the chest and shoulders. However, many suggest sizing up due to its tighter fit. It’s praised for its durability and style. The shirt holds up well after many washes.

Price: $40

Cuts AO Curve-Hem Tee

AO Curve-Hem Tee

This best-seller is known for its tailored fit and wrinkle resistance. Users appreciate its versatility but note the fit runs slim. Sizing up is recommended. It’s favored for its comfort and ability to retain its shape.

Price: $40

Cuts Interknit Pima Cotton Tee

Interknit Pima Cotton Tee

Made from 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton, it’s breathable and soft. Customers enjoy the relaxed fit around the midsection while remaining snug around the arms. This shirt is perfect for hot days, offering comfort and breathability.

Price: $54

Cuts AO Forever Tee

AO Forever Tee

This tee offers a looser fit with a classic straight hem. It’s appreciated for its comfort and roomy design. Reviews mention it as an excellent alternative for those who prefer a relaxed fit while maintaining a stylish look.

Price: $54

Cuts AO Elongated Tee Shirt

AO Elongated Tee

The elongated hem makes it suitable for taller individuals. It fits nicely around the chest and shoulders, though some find it tight around the stomach. It’s a good option if you’re looking for extra length.

Price: $40

Cuts Pima Curve-Hem Tee

Pima Curve-Hem Tee

Lightweight and breathable, made from Pima Cotton. Customers note the need to size up due to its slim fit. It’s favored for its natural softness and durability, though some issues with shrinkage were found after washing.

Price: $43

Each Cuts tee has its strengths. PYCA Pro® shirts offer durability and softness, while Pima Cotton shirts provide natural comfort and breathability. Choose based on your fabric preference, fit, and intended use. Whether you need a snug or a relaxed fit, Cuts Clothing has a tee to match your needs.

Cuts Tees Size Guide

Cuts Tees: breakdown of the different fit types.

Hey, Don’t Take My Word for It

The below video from YouTuber Scotty Scheller breaks down Cuts Tees. It’s more of a sizing guide, but it will help show the fit and quality of Cuts Clothing.

Our Top Picks: Cuts Clothing Tees

Cuts Pima Curve-Hem Tee
Cuts Pima Curve-Hem Tee
Cuts AO Forever Tee
Cuts AO Forever Tee
Cuts AO Curve-Hem Tee
Cuts AO Curve-Hem Tee

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