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The Cuts AO Polo trims this casual icon with strategic stretch fabric and a streamlined fit.

Cuts AO Polo: Product Spotlight 

AO Polo Shirt: $72

The AO Polo Shirt by Cuts Clothing is crafted from 62% polyester, 33% cotton, and 5% spandex, offering durability, comfort, and flexibility.

The fabric is engineered to be buttery soft, pre-shrunk, and wrinkle-resistant, with outstanding color and fit retention qualities. Additionally, the shirt is designed to resist pilling and provides a 4-way stretch for ultimate comfort and mobility.

This polo shirt sets itself apart with its superior softness and construction, ensuring it looks new even after multiple washes. It is pre-shrunk to maintain its size and fit, and its wrinkle-resistant nature makes it a practical choice for everyday wear.

The blend of materials offers comfort and contributes to the shirt’s ability to hold its color and shape over time. Its anti-pilling feature and 4-way stretch capacity enhance the overall wearing experience.

Cuts AO Polo Features & Benefit

Buttery soft fabricEnsures day-long comfort
Pre-shrunkMaintains fit after washing
Wrinkle-resistantLow maintenance and always looks neat
Color & fit retentionLooks new over time
Anti-pillingKeeps the surface smooth and appealing
4-way stretchOffers freedom of movement

Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed satisfaction with the AO Polo Shirts, highlighting their exceptional fit, comfort, and versatile design. The polos are celebrated for their ease of pairing with different bottoms, serving as a preferred option for professional settings and casual activities.

The shirt’s collar and the fit around the arms and shoulders have received particular praise for enhancing body shape and adding a touch of elegance to the overall look.

Despite the abundance of positive feedback, a few concerns have been noted, especially regarding the material quality of the white polo, which some have found to be nearly transparent.

This transparency issue has led to mixed feelings among a minority of customers. Additionally, individuals with muscular builds have mentioned the fit to be slightly tight. Nevertheless, the consensus remains overwhelmingly positive, with customers recommending the polo for its quality, comfort, and adaptability.

The AO Polo Shirt effortlessly pairs with joggers and pants, making it a smart choice for transitioning from office wear to casual outings.

Which One? Prestige Polo & AO Polo

Feature/BenefitCuts AO PoloPrestige Polo
Material62% polyester, 33% cotton, & 5% spandex (PYCA Pro®)100% Pima Cotton Pique from Peru
Design & FeelTwo-button collar, Curve-Hem bottom Cut, Buttery Soft, Pre-Shrunk, Wrinkle ResistantTonal signature X logo, flat rib collar and cuffs, Natural Softness
Technical FeaturesColor & Fit Retention, Anti-Pilling, 4-Way StretchAnti-Pilling
Fabric Origin & TypeCustom-engineered PYCA Pro® fabric designed in LAMidweight 210 GSM, made in Peru
CareEasy maintenance due to its resistance to wrinkling and shrinking, color retention over timeRequires standard care, emphasizes the garment’s natural properties and softness

If you’re torn between the Cuts AO Polo and the Prestige Polo, consider what each brings to your wardrobe. The AO Polo, with a price tag of $72, is a testament to modern fabric engineering.

Its PYCA Pro® material combines polyester, cotton, and spandex, making the shirt exceptionally soft, stretchable, and low-maintenance due to its pre-shrunk and wrinkle-resistant properties.

Conversely, the Prestige Polo, more affordable at $49, celebrates the unmatched quality of 100% Pima Cotton Pique from Peru. It speaks to those who appreciate natural fibers’ unparalleled comfort and refined appearance. This shirt’s signature X logo adds a subtle touch of elegance while the material ensures the garment remains pill-free over time.


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