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Watch This Interview: CEO Cuts Clothing Steven Borrelli

In the video below, Maxx Chewning from the Don’t Be Sour podcast (a dope podcast, too) and Cuts Clothing CEO Steven Borelli talk about the company’s growth journey.

They highlight how Steven bootstrapped the company by moving back home, navigating manufacturing challenges, and establishing the right factory partnerships. 

Steven also discusses the brand philosophy, emphasizing its commitment to minimalist and clean designs ideal for the “sport of business.” He articulates the significance of crafting casual and professional apparel while discussing specific design choices and fabric selections.

The conversation then pivoted to the brand’s growth and marketing strategies. Steven elaborated on the role of efficient ad spending and creator partnerships in this success, resulting in an impressive $10 million in sales in just a few years.

Additionally, the video covers Cuts Clothing’s expansion into women’s apparel, which has seen notable success. Steven underscores the importance of understanding market dynamics and customer needs in this expansion.

Steven also shares various business insights and discusses the challenges faced by the brand. He emphasizes the roles of product replenishment, maintaining momentum, and fostering a team driven by passion. He also speaks about the importance of learning from challenges and the continuous improvement of products.

Towards the end of the video, Steven offers personal reflections and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, focusing on the need for passion, attention to detail, and setting achievable goals to stay motivated. This conversation provides a deep dive into the entrepreneurial spirit and strategic thinking behind Cuts Clothing’s success.

I’m a huge fan of this brand. My bank account and wife can attest.


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