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British Sportswear Brand
Brand Profile

Gymshark, founded in 2012 by Ben Francis, quickly became a major player in fitness apparel. Starting in Solihull, UK, the brand began in Francis’ parents’ garage, where he and Lewis Morgan sold supplements online. Frustrated by the lack of quality gym wear, they invested in a screen printer and sewing machine to create their apparel, which soon gained popularity within the fitness community.

Gymshark’s breakthrough came in 2013 when they showcased their products at the BodyPower Expo, leading to a surge in sales and visibility. The event featured their Luxe Tracksuit, a durable and stylish product that resonated with gym-goers. Since then, Gymshark has grown by leveraging social media and influencer marketing to reach a global audience. They used Instagram and YouTube influencers, turning them into “Gymshark athletes” who promoted their products, significantly boosting sales and brand recognition.

Community-building is a key factor in Gymshark’s success. They organize events and pop-up stores worldwide, allowing fans to meet influencers and purchase exclusive gear. This strategy has fostered a loyal customer base and a strong sense of belonging. Gymshark maintains control over the customer experience and brand image by emphasizing direct sales through its website.

Recently, Gymshark expanded its operations, opening a headquarters in Solihull in 2018 and an office in Denver in 2021. Despite challenges such as a failed IPO and some operational cutbacks in the US, the company has maintained strong growth, with revenues surpassing those of industry giants like Nike and Lululemon in recent years.

Ben Francis’ leadership and vision have been pivotal to Gymshark’s success. After returning from daily operations to bring in experienced executives, he focused on strategic growth and community engagement, further establishing Gymshark’s place in the fitness apparel market. The company continues to innovate, emphasizing quality, community, and direct customer engagement.






Solihull, West Midlands, UK

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